How to choose Best Baby carriers for bikes?

In many countries, it is not recommendable for moms to ride on bikes with their newborns. Newborns are exceptionally delicate, and riding on bikes may cause serious damage to the weak skull bones. Any accident can have terrifying results. 

Some moms feel it safer to ride on bikes with their babies than climbing stairs. Rider moms need to take their baby with them even though they should not take their babies on bikes even after 8-10 months of birth even on the sling as sling carriers are not designed for riding. However, there are baby carriers for bikes that can provide support to babies of 6 months.

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List of Safest bike carriers for babies

The market holds a vast variety of baby seats for bikes, which makes it very perplexing to decide which item to choose for your little one. After having a close analysis of child carriers for bikes, the following safest bike carriers for babies have been selected.

Image Product Price
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1. Schwinn Deluxe Bicycle

Best Baby carriers for bikes

· It is a rear-mounted child carrier seat on the bike, which allows the bike rider to ride smoothly without getting any interruption in moving the legs for paddling.

· This child bike seat is designed for babies and growing toddlers above one year. It is designed to provide relief and comfort to the delicate baby and help your baby giggle, smile and get amused during the ride.

· It can carry a baby weighing up to 40 pounds.

· This child bike seat is lightweight and does not feel bulky to the riding moms and does not cause any difficulty. This feature of light-weightiness comes from polypropylene construction. It helps to form a firm connection between baby and mom.

· It is very easy to mount it on the bike, so do not waste the time that some child carriers take to mount them on the bikes. Whenever you are eager to carry your baby with you, you can readily assemble the Schwinn deluxe Bicycle mounted child bike carrier.

· It allows a 3-point harnessing system for providing safety to the baby mounted on the child bike carrier. The crossbars are well-padded to allow more comfort to the baby. The footrests are present to provide safety and comfort to the baby’s feet. The incline helps provide comfort to the head and neck and allow the babies to rest during the ride.

· There is a good system for the flow of wind and vents to allow air to pass to help your baby enjoy the amazing breeze experience.

· The seat and headrests are also well-padded, which do not let your child get tired or feel uncomfortable.

· You do not need to buy a separate rack, as it comes with the mounting rack. You cannot mount it on the bike, which contains rear suspensions.

· The tools that you may need to assemble the child carrier on the bike come with the baby seat.


  • Lightweight
  • Well-padded seat, shoulder straps
  • 3-point harnessing support
  • Well-vented
  • Adjustable footrests that grow with the baby


  • Cannot use on bikes with rear suspension
  • The seat is simple air-cushion, which sometimes gets uncomfortable.
  • Difficulty in interaction

Why should you buy this?

The 3-point harnessing system with padded straps, air-ventilation system, and the feature of being easy to mount, headrests and adjustable footrests that grow with the size of baby, superior performance, and affordable price makes it a favorite child bike carrier among the moms of growing toddlers. If you are looking for some child seats for bikes, you should keep your eye on Schwinn deluxe baby seat for bike.

2. iBert Child Bicycle Safe-T-Seat

child carrier for bike

· The love for the iBert Child Bicycle Safe-T-Seat among the cycling households is very eminent due to its features of being convenient to use and easy to mount. Other features that add to its importance include

· For mountain bikers, there are not many options available in the market, but because of its simple design, it is very popular among the parents who love mountaineering or are mountain bikers.

· It is a front-mounted seat, and the front-mounted has an advantage of the good bond between the baby and parents. You can talk with them, listen to them, and sing a poem for them that adds to the joy of you and your baby’s riding journey. Additionally, you will be sure about the safety of your baby if your baby wants to sleep.

· It is best to use if your baby age range is from 1 year to 4 years. It supports the weight of 38 pounds.

· It comes with good legroom and allows the parent to fully extend the legs for paddling to have a smooth and uninterrupted journey even if his/ her height is 6 feet.

· The assemblage of iBert Child bike carrier is very simple, and it can be mounted on almost all the bikes, all you need is to have a T-bar on which you can mount your Ibert child seat

· It comes with a variety of color options. You can buy according to the favorite color of your baby.

· It contains a well-padded steering wheel, which makes your child feel pre-occupied and also provides headrest to your baby to enjoy the ride comfortably.

· It contains a removable seat pad that is padded enough to provide comfort to your baby’s back.

· For front-mounted seats, there rises a question of whether it would be safe or not. The answer to the problem is that it has a low center of gravity that provides extra protection. However, the safety depends upon the confidence of the biker.

· The child bike seat of this child carrier is very durable. You can use it for all your children. If you are courteous enough, you can gift it to someone as it is so much at its best state even after long time usage.

· You can easily wash it, and it is also resistant to corrosion due to aluminum used in its construction.

· Compared with other front-mounted seats, it comes with better features and affordable price.


  • Affordable
  • Durable and padded seat
  • Simple assembly
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Helpful for mountain bikers
  • Better center of gravity.
  • Better communication
  • Better view, more enjoyable


  • Protection issues due to the front-mounted seat.
  • Low back seat.
  • No neck and head support.

Why should you buy this?

If you want an affordable, easy to assemble child seat which can be used during the ride on a mountain, you must go for iBert child bicycle child carrier.

3. UrRider Child Bike carrier

safest bike carrier for baby

· The UrRider child bike carrier is front-mounted, which is interactive and ensures fun for the baby.

· This bike is easy to assemble and can be made ready to use within seconds.

· It is for children aging between 2 years to 4 years.

· The padding of the UrRider child bike carrier comes in a variety of colors. Hence, you can choose the color according to your preference. The padding surface has also passed the anti-slip test, which protects the child from slipping during the ride.

· It is foldable, you can fold it and can save your place. You can pack it in any bag, and this feature makes it portable, making your riding journey amazing.

· It provides you with the best safety and comforting features within the affordable range.

· The construction of this ride contains aluminum, which makes it corrosion-free and safe for the health and provides comfort to the baby.

· Certified by the USA standard safety for protection and comfort. The seat position is so accurate for the baby to enjoy the scenery to the full.

· Its saddle is hollow to provide ventilation and is soft to ensure comfort.

· This child bike carrier has been specially designed if you are looking for Mountain Bikes, Hybrid Bikes and Fitness Bikes.

· Having only 2 pounds weight, foldable and containing a packing bag makes it a portable child carrier.

· Its weight capacity is up to 110 pounds.


  • It is lightweight and foldable.
  • It comes with a packing bag.
  • It is portable
  • Well-vented and anti-slip seat


  • Seat very close to the handlebar.
  • May sometimes cause difficulty in case your child has a good height

Why should you choose this?

This makes life easy by being lightweight, portable, and a packing bag to carry it anywhere, any time. Comes in an affordable price range. This is a good choice if you are looking for Mountain Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, and Fitness Bikes. It makes the journey of your child beautiful by showing the scenery from the front.

4. Peg Perego Mount Child Seat

· It has a rapid one-click installation system, which makes attaching and dispatching of child bike seats very easy, and straightforward. It has a unique mounting system in which a child’s bike seat is attached to the bicycle tube. It ensures that the balance is maintained throughout the ride.

· It universally fits on both male and female bikes.

· It comes with an inbuilt suspension system that ensures a safe ride.

· It is a front-mounting bike that allows you to have an eye on your child throughout the ride and ensure your child’s safety and comfort. It also helps you keep your child close to yourself and convert the ride into an interactive and joyous trip. It ensures the driver of the safety of his/ her baby as they can keep an arm around the baby.

· It comes with the adjustable footrests on which your child can rest his feet instead of losing them free. There are three different positions to set the footrests so that the child carrier may grow with the child.

· No matter what the terrain is, your child can enjoy the safe journey due to the 3-point harnessing system with padded shoulder straps that ensure the baby’s comfort. The 3-point harnessing system is also adjustable, and thus it also grows with age.

· For babies under 22 pounds, a detachable handle is provided to ensure extra protection.

· It can afford almost 33 pounds, so it is preferable for small babies.


  • Affordable price range
  • Fits universally
  • Easy assembly
  • Lightweight


  • Shoulder straps not well-padded.
  • Not suitable for age above four years and heightened child.

Why should you buy this?

It is a preferable choice as it is affordable, front-mounted, adjustable straps, and footrests. It ensures the safety of your child. If your child’s age ranges from 2 to 4, it can be an excellent choice as it can solace all your possible demands.

5. Schwinn Joyrider Baby Carrier

baby seat for bike

· Schwinn joyrider baby carrier has 20″ aluminum wheels, which ensure the smooth ride. It is very easy to convert the Schwinn trailer into the stroller without putting your baby out of the child carrier. This conversion can be made possible.

· It comes with a rain cover that is going to shield your baby from getting wet in case of sudden raining during the ride. It also protects babies from direct sunlight. This feature distinguishes it and makes it a preferred choice.

· It has the capacity to hold two kids together. The weight capacity is 40 pounds weight of each child and 12 pounds extra luggage weight. In short, it can accommodate 92 pounds.

· Its universal coupler makes it possible for Schwinn joyrider and trailer to get attached to any bicycle in the market.

· It has zippered flaps that allow the air to pass into the carrier seat when it is hot. You can zip the flaps in the cold to prevent the cold breeze into the carrier to keep your child away from cold.

· It has side pockets where you can save eatables for your babies, which they can enjoy during the ride, making it an enjoyable experience.

· The seat is in the form of a bench, as it can accommodate two passengers. So, it provides protection to both passengers.

· Its wheels can be detached easily, and hence you can fold it easily. Re-mounting is also very quick and simple.


  • Easy assembly
  • Back window
  • The transition of the trailer into a stroller.
  • Weather protection shield.
  • Seat and harnessing system for dual passengers.


  • Does not provide a comfortable amount of space to both babies.
  • The wheel makes a noise.
  • Single adjust buckles

Why should you buy this?

If you have twins or two babies with less age difference, no other bike child seat can be a better option than the Schwinn joyrider trailer. Its zippered flaps aim at providing extra protection and shields against harsh weather conditions.

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6.  WeeRide LTD Kangaroo Child Bike Seat

modern baby carrier for bikes

· It can be mounted and dispatched easily and very quickly.

· It comes with the most appealing sleek modern design, which makes it a fantastic choice.

· It is a center-mounted child bike seat and provides the best stability and balance during the ride. It offers the best balance for the weight and ethical center of gravity.

· The padded headrests serve as a pillow during the ride to allow the baby to have a little rest if the baby feels sleepy.

· You can interact with your child and make a discussion during the ride. It is usually more fun to have your baby in front of you during the ride.

· It has a built-in handle to allow kids to lay on and take rest.

· It is compatible to use it for babies whose age is above one year and below four years.

· It is compatible with even those bicycles which have limited space on handlebars.

· It is heavily padded due to which it gives a sofa-like feel.

· It comes with a 5-point harnessing system that provides even more protection than 3-point harnessing. It comes with an extra strap at the waist. If the baby manages to get out of shoulder straps, the waist strap is there to keep the baby safe and balanced.

· It has low seat setting to decreasing the interruption caused to the rider to the least

· It comes with adjustable footrests, so it grows with your child.


  • Padded headrest
  • Reasonable price
  • Very stable seat
  • 5-point harnessing


  • Seat tends to get sweaty
  • Low shoulders not suitable for a heightened child
  • Not for tall toddlers

Why should you buy this?

Its amazing feature of 5-strap, the possibility of dispatching the seat during an alone ride, well-padded and comfortable seats aided with padded handles makes it a perfect choice as a child bike carrier. If you are looking for a functional and pleasing and comforting child bike carrier, you must go for it.

7. Thule Yepp Mini Child Bike Seat

comfortable baby carrier for bikes

· The seats are made up of shock-absorbing flexible rubber foam, which is very comfortable. This carrier is lightweight.

· It is very simple and quick to mount the Thule Yepp mini child carrier on a bicycle.

· It is very easy to wash it in the machine and is antibacterial, adding to the child’s protection and growing toddlers.

· It is ideal for use by the babies from 9 months to 3 years as its straps and footrests grow with the baby. It is compatible with weight up to 33 pounds.

· The security of your baby is ensured by the 5-point harness, which provides some additional protection than a 3-point harness.

· It provides extra safety by means of a u-shaped safety handlebar.

· The seat is well-balanced on the bicycle tube, which ensures safety and protection during the ride.

· It also comes with an additional sleep roll cushion to provide comfort to your baby, if your baby feels sleepy during the ride.


  • Comfortable seats
  • Antibacterial, machine wash.
  • 5-point harness
  • U-shaped handlebar


  • Not universally fit.
  • Not comfortable for tall riders.
  • Expensive.

Why should you buy this?

Aesthetically beautiful and amazingly functional, it must be on your cart if you are looking for a well-protected bike seat for your child.

How to choose a baby seat for bikes

Choosing the best baby seat for a bike gets very difficult when you have to take care of some features that ensure the safety and protection of your growing toddler. There are some points to keep in mind before making a purchase, which will ease your problem and help you decide the safest baby carrier for the bike.    

 Age and size

The main factor that plays a key role in deciding about the type of baby carrier you need for your bike is your baby’s age and size. Baby carriers have limitations for certain ages and sizes, and one cannot use them if one’s baby does not fit the dimension.

It is recommendable to wait at least before mounting your baby in the child bike carrier. It is not considered safe before this age. For your toddler, you need a more secure and protected child carrier. For your growing up child, who is learning to ride, you can rely on some child carriers which allow child involvement during a ride.

The size of your baby should be kept in mind before making a purchase. This helps you avoid using loose seats for your weak and small baby and tight child carrier for a big and healthy baby.

The front-mounted seat is the right choice for small babies. For babies above two years, it is recommendable to try rear-mounted baby bike seats.

Bike compatibility

Eyelets are very important for mounting racks, and you cannot mount a rear rack if your bike does not have eyelets. Racks usually don’t come with the baby carriers, so a user needs to buy it separately when it can be used to mount any kind of rack-mounted carrier.

If your bike has disk brakes, you need to buy racks that fit your bike’s disk brake. Bike with flat handlebars don’t have enough room for the baby seat to mount on it? Mid-mount seats are more compatible with bikes than a front seat and rear seat. Mid-mounted recreational seats used to ride in town are very comfortable for your baby. 

You also need to check whether your bike is long enough to allow front mounting and rear mounting.

Shoulder straps

Shoulder straps play a key role in providing support to the little ones. Padded straps are preferred because of the comfort provided to the babies by them, and they set well in place. Choose a baby carrier that allows multiple positions to set shoulder straps to help you adjust the strap according to your baby’s growing needs. Look for well-padded, comfortable, and adjustable shoulder straps if you genuinely love your growing baby.

Harnessing design

Harnessing design serves to provide support and protection to the baby so that the baby does not escape shoulder straps and remain anchored in it to ensure that your kid is going to be safe.

Baby bike seats come with two harnessing designs.

1. 3-point

2. 5-point

3-points have shoulder straps that tie at the buckle while 5-points have shoulder as well as waist straps. 5-point is considered to be more protective as if the child manages to get out of shoulder straps, the waistband would be there to hold the baby at its place, which is not there in case of a 3-point harnessing design.

You can choose 3-points if your young one is a little big to maintain his position; however, it is recommendable for babies below two years to go for a 5-point harnessing design.


The success of baby bike carriers lies in the extent to which it aims at providing colittle babies. Some suitable baby carriers in the market have footrests in them to allow the babies to rest their feet on them and keep their feet in a relaxing position. This is very helpful as loose feet can cause many problems to the mother as babies may hit their mothers with loose feet during the ride making it difficult for mothers to have a smooth ride. This also affects the flow of blood to the feet of the child when they are loose. So, try to look for baby bike seats with footrests.

Allow Recline

Higher back-end provides the recline feature to help your baby lean on it if your baby wants to take some rest. During long rides, your baby might need to relax and take a snooze. The higher back end of the baby bike seat is what plays a role here.

You should be eager to select the bike baby carrier that supports your child’s head and provide comfort during long rides. So, always try to look for the recline feature as it can make a huge difference to the riding journey of your baby.

Keeping in mind the above points, you are now in a better position to decide and select the best and safest bike carrier for your baby.

Types of bike carriers

There are a variety of best baby seats for bikes. You can choose the one among the following depending upon your need and ease during the ride provided by them.

The following are some types of bike carriers for the growing toddlers from which you can select based on the compatibility of your bike and comfort of your child. Let’s have a look at these bike carriers.

Bike trailers

Bike trailers are specifically designed for parents who are concerned with the safety of their young ones. Numerous trailers are intended to change over to running buggies, so for guardians who run also, this alternative can be the best value for your money.

The drawback of a trailer is that you might find it difficult to hear and interact with your younger one, and he/ she is generally unengaged while biking. You can choose it if you feel like using it.

Front bike seats

Is your bike big enough to allow a front baby carrier on a bike? And is your child small or big, as front child carriers are compatible with little babies? If your child is older than two years, don’t go for the front carrier as the baby in the front carrier may disturb the smooth-riding. It makes it easy to interact with your child and hear them and talk with them. You may feel difficulty riding while using the front bike seat because your knees and chest may hit the baby seat.

Rear bike seats

Like front bike seats, they are also associated with the fall risk, so make sure of your balance. It is a good option for parents who are interested in commuting their older children whom they cannot keep in front of seats.

Tandem bikes

For people who can afford another bike, this is a good option. It is good for long family countryside trips.

Cargo bikes

Buying a cargo car is a good option for those who want to get rid of cars and want to use bicycles while going out for groceries as cargo seats allow them to put some cargo along with their babies.

Trailer cycles

It is for children above three years who love to pedal along. It gives them the feeling of being involved in the paddling.

Tow-Ropes and Tow-bars

This is a good option for children who can ride their own bikes but cannot cover the hilly area alone.

List of FAQs for Best Baby carriers for bikes

Child below ten months is not at all recommended to keep in child bike carriers as the skull bones of newborns are very weak and are more prone to get an injury.

Best age to keep your child in a baby bike seat is from 1 year, as babies below this age are too weak for putting in bike carriers.

There come some security issues like the center of gravity becomes a little higher, the baby may interrupt and disturb the balance; the legs of the rider may not have enough room for riding. However, safety depends on the rider’s confidence as all mounted seats come with some security issues.

If the baby is riding on a trailer, then he/she must wear a helmet to ensure safety.

Final verdict 

If you can spend some extra dollars, the best choice for your child must be Thule Yepp Mini Child Bike Seat, which is well-padded and provides 5-point harnessing, easy to wash, antibacterial and hence all these features improves its score to be used as the safest bike carrier for baby.

However, WeeRide LTD Kangaroo Child Bike Seat provides you with the safety and comfort just like Thule Yepp mini and is also affordable. So, if you want to cut short on budget, go for a weeride child bike carrier.

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