Top 5 Best Baby Carrier For Preemies Reviews

It is understood that if your baby is born before the estimated date, the size will be smaller and much more sensitive than the healthy and normal birth babies; therefore, it requires extra effort for parents to take care of premature babies. A mother always has to keep an eye on her premature child. For that purpose, the best baby carriers for preemies are available to ease the efforts of parents.

The question that arises here is how to choose the best baby carrier for premature babies, which will provide complete safety and comfort, provide neck support, keep the baby warm, and always close to the mother.

There are thousands of carriers for premature, but it is always challenging to select the right one. Keeping all the essential factors about health, safety, the comfort of babies in mind, we have shortlisted some of the best baby carriers for preemies

List of Best Baby Carrier For Preemies

Image Product Price
Boba Baby Wrap Kahla Check Price
Baby K’tan Print Baby Check Price
best baby carrier for newborn twins Moby Classic Baby Wrap Check Price
Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling Check Price
Wrap Sling and Carrier Check Price

Before jumping to the carriers, you must consider some factors that can be profitable for you while carrying your baby with you, both hands-free. 

Why do you need a baby carrier?

Constant contact:

For the betterment of Preemie babies, they need physical contact with their mother almost all day. Baby carriers are best for the skin to skin contact keeping the baby secure and homely.

Comfort sleep:

All babies usually love to sleep most of the time in the day. Baby carriers allow babies to sleep comfortably while sticking to their mothers. 

Healthy Bonding: 

Baby carriers help in developing a healthy relationship between mother and baby. Preemie babies need to be fed more than normal ones. This phenomenon allows them to gain weight and skin efficiently. 

Better development:

Baby carriers act as a shell outside, making warm and soft environments, provide better support in the development of premature babies by staying closer in the carrier with their mother.

How to choose a Baby carrier for preemies? 

While buying a baby carrier, these points should be kept in mind to remove your extra worries.

Ergonomic design:

Most of the slings and wraps are designed ergonomically to work smoothly and efficiently with the human body. Your carrier needs to be an ergonomic design to avoid back and muscle pain while carrying your twins.


Preemies are more sensitive and need extra protection for their better growth and development from parents. While selecting a baby carrier, you have to know if it is easy for the baby to breathe in it or not, as the face of the baby should be placed outside the wrap and keep checking it after some time.

Comfortable and safe:

Babies resting in the carrier should feel comfortable and safe; otherwise, it may disturb their sleep and growth system.

Easy to breastfeed:

Breastfeeding your premature child helps in gaining weight and physical growth. It should be kept in mind while choosing the baby carrier that it is easy for a mother to comfortably breastfeed the baby.

Easy to wash:

The fabric of the carrier or wrap should be washable and can be dried quickly.

Easy to use:

Most of the baby wraps are too difficult to wear. An ideal baby carrier should have the capability to minimize the mother’s difficulty while putting it on.

We have researched and studied many baby carriers for preemies while keeping all the above points, and here is the list of some of our best picks, which can make your life much more comfortable in carrying and grooming your preemies. 

1. Boba Baby Wrap Kahla – The Original Child and Newborn Wrap

Boba wrap baby carrier that can hold your preemies with much ease because of its stretchy and flexibility quality.


Boba wrap Kahla baby carrier is made up of 95% cotton and contains the touch of spandex, which does not allow it to loosen or change its shape if you want to nurse your baby or change its position. This spandex gives your wrap the ability to form and arrange itself to your’s and your baby’s body. 

Boba wrap carrier is ideal for babywearing and breastfeeding of newborn babies.

This wrap is designed to make life much easier for new mothers as it is machine washable and can be dry with fewer efforts.

It is easy to use, and whenever you tie the wrap, you generate a custom seat for your babies.

Easy to breastfeed in your baby and make a privacy shield for nursing moms.

Some baby carriers may lead to abnormal hip muscle growth, mostly found in premature babies. It is certified to maintain hip health by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and ensures the healthy growth of your baby.

The boba wrap is designed in a way that it can fit any size of parents as the material is soft and stretchy. 

If you are struggling to find the best and comfortable baby carrier for small-sized preemies, We recommend this wrap carrier. You just have to watch and learn how to wear it correctly for the perfect use. 

You can enjoy and carry your baby safely with this wrap and can explore this mesmerizing world fully.


  • It can support weight up to 35 pounds
  • Machine washable and quick to dry
  • Even distribution of body weight
  • Easy to put on and off
  • One size fits all
  • Best price range
  • Comfortable and lightweight


  • Takes time while wrapping
  • Only allows a front wearing position
Baby k’tan is a wrap carrier that is perfect for your preemies from all aspects. Parents can be frustration free with this award-winning printed baby carrier product.


This wrap is unique and provides much ease to essentials, safety, and comfort. It has a two-loop design, which enables its ability to carry babies in five different positions. The fabric of this wrap is 100 percent cotton. It grows with the size of your newborns and preemies and can hold up to 35 pounds.

Mothers can bond affectionately with their babies through skin to skin quickly.

While being close to your preemie or newborn, you can go out smoothly. This wrap allows the best positioning for natural breastfeeding on the go.

Super easy to wear as it has simple instructions to follow like a step to step with pictures. It is belt free, ring-free, and no buckles. Just wear it like your casual t-shirt. 

Baby K’tan wrap allows even distribution of weight on back and shoulder due to its double shoulder sling design, and its extra breathable fabric is much softer against the skin of the baby.
This fantastic product is approved Hip Healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. This baby carrier is a complete package with all the facilities for your premature babies and can fit for petite, plus-size moms or dads of any size. 

The owner of this product is also a bestseller with fantastic reviews and stars, which shows that this baby carrier is the first preference of parents. 


  • Easy to wear
  • Stretchy, and 100% cotton
  • Comfortable in use
  • Fits on any size
  • Hold up to 35 pounds
  • Double shoulder sling design
  • Washable


  • Joints are scratchy.
  • Must position it correctly, so avoid rubbing the baby back
  • Get an accurate size; otherwise, it may cause problems for parents

3. Moby Classic Baby Wrap

baby carrier for newborn twins

This wrap is the most popular baby wrap to hold your premature baby. Parents love this baby wrap because of its versatility.


It is made of 100 percent cotton and stretchy fabric, making it the perfect option to carry your premature babies. 

Material is less bulky, and padding keeps your baby warm and secure. Moby baby wrap is ideal for babywearing and breastfeeding; therefore, it makes a better development and understanding between mother and baby.

It is perfectly suitable for plus-sized mothers as this wrap will adopt the curves of big moms and grow with the size of your babies.

You can learn to wear it quickly because this wrap comes with easy instructions to follow for all types of hold and can use it for the front, back, or hip carrying position while hands are free for other essentials like you can do your dishes, vacuum, and else.

Rings consist of aluminum, which is lightweight itself, and this wrap carrier has durable fabric, which collectively helps in dividing weight equally at your back, shoulder, hips, and legs.


  • Favorite for its style, comfort, and adjustability quality
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Support preemie babies
  • The weight limit is 8 to 33 pounds
  • Affordable price range
  • Best for newborns
  • Ideal for breastfeeding


  • It may take some time and practice to wear it properly
  • Maybe extra warm for some people

4. Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling by Sleepy Wrap

This wrap is made with a combination of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, which provides much flexibility, safety, and comfort to your body that you do not need constant arranging.


It is ergonomically designed to distribute the weight evenly on the shoulder and back so well that your body will feel relaxed after wearing this.

This baby carrier is an Eco-friendly product and comfortable to wear. 

This carrier is machine washable and can be quickly dried. Mothers can breastfeed their preemies with comfort while sticking with their babies. The 5 % spandex of this lightweight carrier helps, and the length of the material helps to fit in different shapes of bodies. 

It provides many facilities like this sleepy wrap that supports a healthy immune system, almost 43% less crying, fewer ear infections, healthy hip development, and a night of comfortable sleep to your babies.

The sleepy wrap allows us to grow a beautiful bond between babies and mothers. You can feel relaxed that your baby is synchronizing with the sound of your heartbeat, and that is the most calming thing only a mother can feel.

You can use this carrier for your premature baby from the very start. It is a supportive wrap, and the shoulder panel provides support to the head of babies who can not hold their head up on their own at the very start.

Sleep wrap allows you to do your essential work while sticking close to your preemie. This Sleepy wrap carrier can hold your little ones weighing between 7 pounds to 35 pounds while giving you all the facilities and comfort. 


  • Hold up to 7-35 pounds
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Instant and comfortable sleep
  • Best for premature
  • Best for Hold the head of preemies
  • Easy breastfeeding


  • The fabric feels heavy
  • It might be difficult if you don’t follow instructions
  • Not for twins

5. Wrap Sling and Carrier by Cuddlebug

Parents know that Cuddlebug baby wraps are made from the highest quality and materials to carry and cuddle your babies all day. 

Cuddlebug has made this wrap carrier with a combination of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Your premature baby will grow joyfully while staying in this carrier. 

Cuddlebug wraps are made from a proprietary blend of French Terry Cotton and Spandex, enabling enough stretch to keep your baby secure and comfortable.


This wrap has different colors to fascinate viewers and nine positions to hold your preemies like Newborn hold, breastfeed sling, front carry, side carries, back carry, cross carry, hip carry, kangaroo carry, side sling.

It allows natural breastfeeding and creates perfect snug positions.

This wrap carrier’s flexibility enables it to fit in the curvy shape of you and create a strong bonding with your premature. 

This baby carrier is as comfortable to wear as your t-shirts with simple instructions while providing the head of your preemie. 

This wrap is a Machine washable product with no irritating straps or buckles to disturb the peace of your precious babies, which will remove many of your worries. 

The Cuddlebug wrap ensures the most secure position and reduces the risk of your baby’s abnormal hip and spine growth. This wrap carrier creates a strong development and healthy bond with your premature baby while both your hands are free to do your essentials like cleaning, cooking, or traveling. 

According to recent research, if you carry your baby at least three hours a day, it reduces the crying of your babies by 43% in a day and 51% at night. 

This wrap creates a comfortable babywearing environment, which excites your premature baby mind to learn things quickly by always staying closer to their parents. Babies always need attention, and they get full attentiveness and hence develop a high sense of trust in a wrap. 


  • Versatile product
  • Cheap rate carrier
  • Washable
  • Perfect snug position
  • Suitable for newborn premature
  • Provide support to the head of the preemie
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • May cause difficulties if you don’t get an accurate size
  • Need readjusting after some time
  • Much fabric for petite moms


Final verdict:

All these baby carriers are ideal for the best upbringing of your preemies. As this is the foremost thing for parents to care for the sensitivity of premature babies, these picks are to make your life much more comfortable. It depends on what you are looking for.

For versatility and 100% cotton, you must choose Moby Classic Baby Wrap.

If you are looking for a baby carrier free from irritating straps, you must go for Wrap Sling and Carrier by Cuddlebug with an affordable price range.

If you are looking for comfortable babywearing and usage, you must choose Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling by Sleepy Wrap.

All of these baby carriers have some specialties, and all of them are our favorite, but Baby K’tan Print Baby Wrap Carrier and Boba Baby Wrap Kahla truly shine out of these and are our top picks. 

If you are struggling to find the best baby carrier for your preemies, to be very honest with you guys, choose between these two. 

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